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D-Plant Horticulture have been in the gardening business for over 30 years. Based in Enniscorthy, County Wexford in Ireland’s “Sunny South East”, we have been in the business of helping people get out and grow all year round in any weather. We help both prospective and experienced gardeners through our range of products and services. We supply all sizes of ploytunnels from small to very large and an extensive range of quality vegetable seeds to grow for yourself. For those interested in growing their own fuel, we supply eucalyptus trees for growing as wood fuel. In addition we also run a commercial nursery for contract orders.


Our Products & Services


The strongest polytunnels in Ireland in all sizes from small garden tunnels to very large commercial units. D-Plant Horticulture are Ireland’s longest established guaranteed-Irish polytunnel manufacturer.

Contract Growing

We provide a propagation service producing high quality plugs and seedlings for other growers. We also provide a contract growing service producing high quality bedding displays for hotels, local authorities & community groups.

Eucalyptus Trees

Grow your own firewood within as little as eight years.
D-Plant Horticulture’s range of Eucalyptus trees offer you the most efficient option for sustainable home-grown or Biomass energy production.

Vegetable Seeds

At D-Plant Horticulture we can proudly say that we offer only the highest quality vegetable seeds. Our varieties of vegetable seeds include all the popular varieties. Suitable for both the home gardener and the farm.


We supply a range of accessories to improve your polytunnel experience including. These include staging benches, ground covers, crop bars, various doors styles, replacement parts and many more.

Recover Your Polytunnel

We also supply new polytunnel covers for any tunnel or DIY structures. These top quality covers have an ultra violet light inhibitor and are available in sizes.

Eco Eye


Take a look at when Duncan Stewart visited us at our shop to feature our eucalyptus development programme on his well-known environmental television show, Eco Eye.

In the episode he talks to Brendan Doyle about the potential of Eucalyptus as a biomass energy source. It’s low maintenance and fertilizing needs, and has a very quick growing cycle. The trees which can be ready for harvesting as fuel within as little as eight years.


Eucalyptus Grants Now Available

Financial Grants for Eucalyptus Planting

Planting grants are now available through the department of agriculture. Further information on the the grant scheme is available on the Teagasc website. Planting Eucalyptus plantations of at least one hectare. The “Forestry for Fibre” scheme has grants of up to €2,450 euro per hectare available. Don’t miss out…!

D-Plant Horticulture Are Ireland’s Longest Standing Manufacturer of Guaranteed Irish Polytunnels

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