Do I Need a Polytunnel? -

Do I Need a Polytunnel?

The simple answer to this question is yes. You do need a polytunnel in fact why don’t you have one already? You’re probably trying to decide whether or not you really need one and perhaps if you can justify the expense. True, it is an investment at the beginning but this investment will make returns for a lifetime in many ways.

Once you start it becomes a lifestyle. You will have a range of fresh fruit and veg throughout a 12-month growing season regardless of the weather. It can provide you with an unlimited amount of ways to explore to get the best out of your garden. You will find yourself taking pride in your yield and as you continue, you’ll start to realise that the investment has definitely been worth your while after all. You may not stand to save money on growing your own veg thanks to the supermarkets selling bags of it for next to nothing but any gardener will tell you that there is no comparison in taste nor do you get the reward from the work you put into your project.

Having a polytunnel opens up a whole new world of opportunity, allowing you to grow certain fruits and vegetables far more successfully than you would outside. The tunnel offers you more protection against pests – such as birds and mammals – making your life that little bit easier. In our own garden, we grown a range of different foods to explore the parameters of having a Polytunnel. We have successfully grown crops of peaches, nectarines, melons and grapes which are way ahead of the shop bought alternatives. Items like these that you may have never thought possible to grow by yourself are made possible with a polytunnel and once you start you’ll never want to go back to the supermarkets.

If you are already a grower but have not already gotten a polytunnel, it’s never too late. They come in a range of different sizes and can be custom built if needs be. A polytunnel will increase your success rate by far especially with certain vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes and peppers. Although these may grow outside providing some yield, the shelter and warmth of the tunnel will increase the yield many times over making it definitely worth your while.

Once you have your polytunnel, bear in mind that you’re not restricted to only using it for growing. They are very handy for storing garden equipment and machinery if you have the space. We often used them to dry clothes with the doors open over the winter season. A polytunnel provides perfect conditions to dry and store fresh cut firewood helping you to become even more self-sufficient.


So if you have any interest in gardening and growing your own food its clear as to what you should do.You should definitely add it to your to-do list this summer and embrace your inner gardener.