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Polytunnel Accessories and Parts

D-Plant Polytunnel Accessories and Parts


At D-Plant Horticulture we supply a range of polytunnel accessories and parts that can be used to repair, extend or strengthen your polytunnel. Please feel free to browse our products or if you need something that is not on offer here do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We will always do our best to help you out or point you in the right direction.

Polythene Sheets

UVI Five Year Tunnel Polythene

7.3 metres
9.2 metres
11.1 metres
14 metres
Available in any length

Doors and Accessories

Door styles and door accessories

Allotment/Hobby Doors for 8′, 12′ & 15′
Door Covering Only
Large Garden Door for 18′
Commercial Door for 21′
Door Covering Only
Pair of Galvanised Hinges
Galvanised Pad-Bolt
Bespoke Door Sizes
Price each

Doors available in light, medium or heavy treated timber (hinged)
Sliding Doors can be covered in polythene, netting or both

Green Wind Break / Shade Netting

Protection from the elements

1 metre (€1.50/m)
1.5 metres (€1.75/m)
2 metres (€3.00/m)
3 metres (€4.50/m)
Price / 50m Roll

Black UVI Ground Cover Sheet

Prevention against weeds

2 metres
3 metres
4 metres
5 metres
Fixing Pegs (bag of 50)
Also available in 50m rolls
Price / Metre

Repair and Protect

Polytunnel Tapes Varieties

Anti Hotspot Tape
Anti Hotspot Tape
Anti Hotspot REPAIR Tape
Polytunnel Repair Tape
Polytunnel Repair Tape

Polytunnel Repair Tape

 (25mm x 20m) – €14.00
(50mm x 20m) – €27.00
(50mm x 50m) – €12.00
(75mm x 25m) – €10.00
(150mm x 25m) – €20.00
(300mm x 25m) – €40.00



2.0m x 0.6m x 0.9m

Bench Top
Legs (single)
Pair of legs & staging top
Other sizes picked on request


Tunnel staging supports for tunnels from 3.7m wide to 5.5m wide (8ft to 18ft) are made using 25mm diameter steel tube. Each support is supplied with a Q Clip for fixing to steel hoops.