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Polytunnel Assembly

Our Construction Video Will Teach You All You Need To Know To Complete Your Polytunnel Project

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Take a look at our polytunnel assembly and installation demonstration video. This will guide you through the complete installation process from start to finish. Here we give you all the tips, advice, and techniques honed by us over the many years of experience we have in building and installing tunnels. Alternatively, in the section below you can navigate to the specific section of the installation process that you require.

Part 1 – Introduction Video

Part 2 – Foundation Layout

Part 3 – Hoop Assembly

Part 4 – Diagonal Corner Brace

Part 5 – Door Frame Fitting

Part 6 – Trench Rail Fitting

Part 7 – Anti-Hotspot Taping

Part 8 – Polythene Cladding

Part 9 – Gable End Tensioning

Part 10 – Securing The Sides

Part 11 – Side Tension To Door

Part 12 – Trimming & Tidying

Part 13 – Conclusion Video

As each tunnel comes with full instructions they can be quite easily erected by two people in less than a day.


Range of Sizes


D-Plant Garden

Polytunnels are

available in sizes

from 12′ (3.7m) wide

up to 30′ (9m)

and in any length

at 6’6″ (2m) intervals.

cover being attached to tunnel
Brendan Doyle planting seeds in polytunnel


Space to Work


Our Polytunnels give the

gardener plenty of room

to move about and work

with guaranteed head

space right out to the

sides while keeping the

strength of a full curve.

groundwork preparation for polytunnel foundations

D-Plant Polytunnel – Product Details

  • Complete kit with detailed instructions included.
  • Made from industrial grade gun-barrel steel, galvanized inside and out.
  • Structure, polythene, door frames, brackets, screws, nails, nuts and bolts all included.
  • Smooth finish.
  • No welded joints.
  • No protruding rivets.
  • Ideal for kitchen garden.
  • An ideal alternative to a greenhouse / glasshouse if you are looking for something storm proof or FOOTBALL proof.

D-Plant Tunnels give you this possibility - To grow your own vegetables all year round!