Our Allotment Tunnel range are made from 26.4mm X 2.6mm galvanized gun barrel steel with 26.4mm X 2.6mm foundation tubes. This grade of steel  makes them one of the strongest on the market. The Kit includes 3″x 2″ pressure treated timber prefabricated door frames  (1M wide openings). This tunnel has a centre height of 7′ and 5′ head clearance 2′ from side.

Free  delivery on the island of Ireland. Maximum lead time 10-14 days

Small Allotment Polytunnel

2.4m (8ft) Width
2.1m (7ft) Centre Height

2.4m x 3m (8ft x 10ft)
2.4m x 4.6m (8ft x 15ft)
2.4m x 6m (8ft x 20)
2.4m x 7.7m (8ft x 26)
Crop Bars

Small Hobby Tunnel

3.7m (12ft) Width
2.28m (7ft 6in) Centre Height

3.7m x 4m (12ft x 13ft)
3.7m x 6m (12ft x 20ft)
3.7m x 8m (12ft x 26ft)
3.7m x 10m (12ft x 32ft)
Crop Bars

Large Hobby Tunnel

4.6m (15ft) Width
2.7m (9ft) Centre Height

4.6m x 6m (15ft x 20ft)
4.6m x 8m (15ft x 26ft)
4.6m x 10m (15ft x 32ft)
4.6m x 12m (15ft x 39ft)
Crop Bars

Large Garden/Commercial Tunnel

5.5m (18ft) Width
3m (9ft 4in) Centre Height

5.5m x 8m (18ft x 26ft)
5.5m x 10m (18ft x 32ft)
5.5m x 12m (18ft x 39ft)
5.5m x 14m (18ft x 46ft)
5.5m x 16m (18ft x 52ft)
5.5m x 18m (18ft x 59ft)
Crop Bars

Commercial Tunnel

6.4m (21ft) Width
3.35m (11ft) Centre Height

6.4m x 7.4m (21ft x 24ft)
6.4m x 9.8m (21ft x 32ft)
6.4m x 12.3m (21ft x 40ft)
6.4m x 14.8m (21ft x 48ft)
6.4m x 17.2m (21ft x 56ft)
6.4m x 19.5m (21ft x 64ft)
6.4m x 21.9m (21ft x 72ft)
Crop Bars

Bespoke Polytunnels

Indoor Seed Orchard

Large bespoke Polytunnel

Bespoke Polytunnel

Made to your requirements !

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