Ireland’s Strongest Polytunnels

D-Plant Horticulture

Making Gardening Possible In All Weather

Would you like to step outside your back door into the summer sunshine each day and return with freshly grown vegetables or flowers? D-Plant Polytunnels give you the opportunity to do this and allow you to grow your own vegetables all year round!

D-Plant Hobby Tunnels or Kitchen-Garden Polytunnels gives the home gardener the pleasure of growing their own vegetables and flowers in a controlled environment. Each year as the weather improves, people begin to think about planting, however, how do you go about it?

Well, in order to begin, a D-Plant Polytunnel would be the perfect start!

The Advantages of D-Plant Polytunnels

• D-Plant Polytunnels are an Irish made product supporting local employment and local industry.
• All our tunnels have a 5 year polythene with an ultra violet light inhibitor, to protect from break down by the suns rays.
• Our tunnels have very good head clearance right out to the sides giving ample room to work, even room to operate a mechanical tiller with comfort. This gives you the full value of your tunnel with no unreachable areas going to waste.
• All our Garden Tunnel structures are made from gun-barrel steel which has an outside diameter of 34mm and a wall thickness of 2.65mm. These are fully galvanised inside and out with a smooth finish, having no welded or painted joints or protruding rivets.
• Most other polytunnels on the market are made from the lighter Z35 steel tubing. Because D-Plant’s tunnel structures are made from gun barrel steel they are up to 60% heavier than our competitors making them one of the most durable on the market.
• We offer “Free Nationwide Delivery” on all our garden polytunnel orders.

D-Plant Horticulture Are Ireland’s Longest Standing Manufacturer of Guaranteed Irish Polytunnels

Small Allotment Tunnel

Width 2.4m (8′) – Height: 2.1m (7′)
Interested in This Tunnel?

Lengths Available

• 2.4 x 3m (8 x 10ft) €525
• 2.4 x 4.6m (8 x 15ft)  €600
• 2.4 x 6m (8 x 20ft) €675
• 2.4 x 7.7m (8 x 26ft) €750
• Crop Bars


This polytunnel range has good working height right out to the sides.

* Most popular model.

Small Hobby Tunnel

Width 3.7m (12′) – Height: 2.28m (7’6″)
Interested in This Tunnel?

Lengths Available

• 3.7 x 4m (12 x 13ft) €680
• 3.7 x 6m (12 x 20ft) * €785
• 3.7 x 8m (12 x 26ft) €890
• 3.7 x 10m (12 x 32ft) €995
• Crop Bars €25

This polytunnel has good working height right out to the sides.

* Most popular model.

Large Hobby Tunnel

Width: 4.6m (15′) – Height: 2.7m (9′)
Interested in This Tunnel?

Lengths Available

• 4.6 x 6m (15 x 20ft) * €870
• 4.6 x 8m (15 x 26ft) €970
• 4.6 x 10m (15 x 32ft) €1,070
• 4.6 x 12m (15 x 39ft) €1,170
• Crop Bars €35

With 8ft centre height this polytunnel has very good working height right out to the sides, easily allowing machinery use such as a rolovator.

* Most popular model.